• Emergency/Storm Damage - 24hr

  • Bucket Truck Work

  • Spider Lift (Sept 2021)

  • Tree Climbing

  • Tree Removals

  • Tree Trimming

  • Lot Clearing

  • Tree Planting

  • Brush Clearing

  • Field Mowing

  • Tractor Work

  • Cat Rescue!


Safety First

At Sheehan Tree Removal, we take safety very seriously.  Our lives depend on it and our customers count on it. 

As a result, we reguarly implement safety checks on all our equipment and conduct basic safety meetings before every job.  We take great pride in caring for our customers' private property and surrounding work areas.  And while we love the goodness and beauty of every tree, we also know that some trees pose great risk.  We'll always give an honest and professional assessment of each tree we evaluate.  

Spider Lift

In September 2021, this revolutionary piece of equipment will be ready for work.  The Spider Lift can access heights up to 83' and fit throught a 3' gate!  The epidemic of dying Ash and Oak trees in CT  has made it imperative to upgrade to equipment capable of handling dangerous, dead trees in difficult to access areas.  

spider lift 3.jpg